Tips to get Back on Task

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SHE Believed

Women are born task masters. We are able to juggle doing two to five things at once. We have children, a husband, pet, work, side hustle, and school; and we manage it all. Ladies it’s easy to become bombarded with our daily routine however, it’s important that we find time to pursue our personal and professional goals.

Social media can be very beneificial to help grow your business, unfortunately, it can be a huge distraction.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube just to name a few are great free tools to grow your brand, but can interrupt your flow of progress. Here are a few key tips to assist you:

  • Set a specific time of day for you to post and to interact with others on Social Media.
  • Be conscious to interact with people and or businesses that will help you to grow forward with your personal or professional goals. It’s easy to get caught up with drama and trivial post. Stay focused on your purpose plan when you’re perusing social media.  
  • Always remember that you are being watched so be very careful of posting negative content on your social media pages.
  • If you are an Entrepreneur there is NO NEED to PLAY GAMES on Social Media. Futhermore, there are enterpreneurs and professionals who become very irrated when they receive request to play games. In the words of Sweet Brown “Aint’ Nobody Got Time for That.”
  • Don’t try to become friends with everyone who follow you or request your friendship on Social Media, some people are toxic and can hinder your brand. Do your research before you give your approval or follow.

We live in a fast-pace and instant gratification society and as an entrepreneurs and or professionals it is crucial to have balance. Did you know that becoming organized create good health and propersity?  Time is a valuable resource and if wasted you can never regain it. If you continue to lose keys, apparel, electronic devices, paperwork, cd’s etc.  you create anxiety in your life. A balance environment provides a sense of comfort. Listed below are a suggestions to keep you on task with living a balanced life.

  •  Make sure that every item has its proper place. For example, dvd’s should be placed near the television entertainment unit. Apparel should be placed on hangers in a closet or folded in drawers in the bedroom. Lastly, Paperwork should not be scatered on the kitchen or dining room table, but neatly placed in folders.  
  • Develop a system for your bills. Consider placing lights, cellphone, insurance, car note etc. in seperate folders this is essential for a more balanced personal and financial life. When you get rid of clutter this promotes personal happiness and eleminate stress. And when you pay bills on time you avoid late fees. Prosperity comes by way of saving cash.
  • Plan your meals. You save money and stay healthy with planned meals. If you purchase fruits and vegetables make sure to prepare meals first with perishable items to avoid spoilage. Prepackaged meals for work and school save you money and calories. In addition, when you cook in bulk and freeze items this help you to save money as well. 

Ladies we are great at multitasking, but it’s imperative to that we live Empowered. Let’s continue to fulfill our dreams because truth be told, we are the ones who really transform the world.