Girl’s Night Out

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Parties are hosted by SHE’S Empowered, for bookings contact sheisempowered@gmail. Each Girl’s Night Out event come with food, beverage, and some will provide keep sake activity with supplies for each guest. Packages can accommodate from 6 to 15 women. Parties are great for Bridal Showers, Girl’s Night Out, Baby Showers, Survivors (Cancer, Lupus, Divorce, Teenager’s Graduation, Empty Nest Stress, etc.), and Birthday Celebrations.

*The Goddess In Me
* Pink ParTEA
* Dazzel and Dessert
*Mardi Gras
* A Little Spa Time

The Goddess In Me

  • Identify your Goddess
  • Goddess Expression
  • Henna Tattoo
  • Chocolate Strawberries (2 dozen)
  • Sparkling Berry Drink
  • Covenant Card

Women will decorate their very own journal to honor the Goddess Within. Supplies will include: journal, feathers, rhinestone, glue, beads, paint, stencils, buttons, lace, glitter and permanent markers.

Disposable cups, plates and napkins are provided. For palmist, nutritionist or Goddess Doll project call three to four weeks prior to scheduling the party to allow additional time to book other speaker and or facilitator. Price will increase for additional speakers and or facilitator.

$215.00 for (12) twelve guest. 1.5 hours for party. An additional $15 for each added guest.

By Genie Webster

A goddess invents her own life, and lives according to her own vision. This quality requires the companion qualities of imagination and courage.

A goddess is autonomous. She seeks no one’s approval, but listens to her own counsel. She answers to no one. She does not try to impress anyone. Her work speaks for itself. She never makes excuses and rarely offers explanations for her actions. She is not defensive for she is not threatened by what other people may think of her. She is the queen of her own life and this is reflected in her demeanor.

A goddess is passionate (not to be confused with manic). She has a palpable energy and enthusiasm that is contagious and beneficial to those around her. In esoteric terms, she raises the vibration in a group situation. She inspires others.

A goddess is continually learning and evolving.

A goddess is authentic. The mask she presents to the outside world is the same as her innermost heart. She has learned to express her emotions cleanly and healthily. What you see is what you get. A goddess knows her own truth. She does not impose her truth on others, but will share her wisdom when invited to.

A goddess takes care of herself. She does not expect others to take care of her. She treats herself as well as she would treat her best friend. She is compassionate and forgiving with herself and others. She gets enough rest and gives her body the right fuel — both in oxygen and in food and water. She knows what she needs. She feeds her soul.

A goddess is committed to healing the earth and works towards peace and understanding — whether it is on a large scale or simply within her family and closest circle of friends. She contributes to cleaning up the environment and teaches the next generation to do likewise.

A goddess sees her body (and the earth) as sacred, and is in tune with natural cycles. She is comfortable with her sexuality.

A goddess has learned balance and patience. Flow and ebb. Waxing and waning. A goddess does not freak out during ebb or waning times. She uses it wisely for rest, reflection, and planning.

A goddess has learned to trust her intuition and inner knowing. She has learned to tap into this source at will.

A goddess has learned to let go of the need to control the flow of the river. She has discovered the futility of trying too hard. She has learned to ride the wave and go with the flow, to ask for and accept help when required. She is flexible, fluid, and adaptable. She has given up the need to control or manipulate. She does not pout or whine when she does not get her way.

A goddess communicates her boundaries. She is gentle but firm when her boundaries are violated. She respects others’ boundaries. She asks for clarification when necessary.

A goddess recognizes and honors other goddesses and gods. She lends her support to the work of other god/desses. She does not feel competitive or threatened by other goddesses and understands that what is good for one is good for all, and that when one shines, the light benefits all. A goddess knows how to share and is generous of spirit, but she knows her limitations and does not give more than what she can afford — emotionally, financially, physically, or energy-wise.

A goddess’s natural state is one of joy and gratitude. She is also at home with her shadow, and will honestly mourn her losses and explore her fears. She understands that everyone experiences pain — it is part of life on earth. Therefore she works through her own pain with courage and dignity, not trying to sidestep it, or numb it, but to get through it and learn from it.

A goddess is comfortable with death, and has learned to let go…. of relationships, concepts, and material possessions that are worn out, or that no longer serve her growth.

Pink ParTEA

  • Pink Tea Cups and Saucers (glass)
  • Demi Spoons
  • Glass Tea Pot
  • Pink Napkins
  • Warmer
  • Peach, Mint or Raspberry Tea
  • Brown Sugar and Crème in glass servers
  • 2 or 3 tier serving platter of gourmet cookies
  • Apple or Sweet Potato Pie

The table will be decorated with ornate whimsical items including linen table cloth and napkins. White satin chair covers with pink bow. “Her Favorite Dessert” game for guest. “Bling IT” is the activity which can include: Tee shirt, Pillow Case, Eye Glass Case, Jeans, Bible Case, or Slippers. Women will bring their favorite item to accent with rhinestone. Rhinestones in various sizes colors and designs will be provided for women to Bling their favorite items.

$375.00 for up to Eight (8) Women. Home host must provide two large tables and chairs. Each additional guest is $22. The party is set for (2) two hours with two party host to assist guest. One to two hours prior time needed for setup.

Design and Dessert

  • Chocolate Fountain
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Non Alcoholic Beverage (Sparkling Cider)
  • Disposable cups, napkins, forks and plates

Women will design their own wine glass. Supplies will include wine glasses, paint, ribbon, paint brushes, tracing paper, tape, scissors, pencil, glue and rhinestones.

$310.00 for up to Eight (8) Women. Two (2) hours for party. For each additional guest is $15. Two tables and chairs provided are needed for art project and food. Hostess will need to arrive thirty minutes to one hour early to set up.

Mardi Gras

  • Face Painting or Glitter Tattoos
  • Mardi Gras Plate Setting
  • Blueberry Cobbler
  • Sparkling Cider

Table setting will include fork, spoon, knife, cups, plate, napkin, table cloth, center piece, one dozen of gold and purple balloons mixed. Face painting will include feathers, bling glitter, and rhinestones. Glitter tattoos last up to 5 days. One (1) Carnival Game.

$250.00 for up to fourteen (14) people. 1.5 hours for party.

A Little Spa Time

  • Foot Soak (portable foot bath)
  • Glitter or Henna Tattoo
  • Aromatherapy candle/oil
  • Girl Talk Game
  • Chocolate Fountain with Fresh Fruit
  • Sparkling Flavored Water
  • Disposable plates, cups, forks and napkins

Package includes foot soap, towels, spray, portable foot bath, lotion and essential oil. Each guest will receive a mini foot massage.

$400.00 for up to Eight (8) guests. Two (2) hours for party with two to three hostess. Set up time is (30) thirty minutes to (1) one hour prior to the event.