• Tis the Season to Increase Your Safety

    Posted on December 16, 2015 by in Uncategorized
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    TIS the Season to Increase Your Safety, here are a few Tips you can Use:

    *Make sure to watch carefully for your packages being placed on your porch from the Post Office, UPS, etc. Keep an eye out for your neighbor as well.

    *If shopping ladies don’t carry a big purse, use a wallet or a small purse that you can wear across your body underneath your clothing. You can also wear a fanny pack that sits on your waist.

    *Make sure to shop in numbers. In addition, consider shopping early in the morning when the stores first open and in daylight.

    *Park in well light area, have vehicle key in hand before approahing your car. This can also be used as a weapon if your are approached. Include pepper spray on your vehicle key ring.

    *Remember to place all packages in your trunk of your vehicle if you plan to make more than one stop because you don’t want to temp thieves to break into your vehicle.

    *If you going out of town notify your neighbors. Also if you have a glass front door where your mail is dropped consider covering the bottom with dark paper or plastic so potential criminals can’t see your mail at the front door.

    *Don’t forget to add on deadbolts to your doors and window locks for added security to your home.

    *Make sure to include light timers for the inside and outside of your home.

    Remember to support small businesses this increase wealth in our community.  It is the small businesses that keep the economy a float. Its been stated that Blacks spend over a billion dollars annually and their dollar circulate 1 to 6 hours in their community while Caucasians dollar circulate 18 to 20 times and Asians circulate 30 times in their community.