Posted on April 11, 2013 by in Helpful Tips
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    Ms. Sandy's Flips her Hair

    Sandy’s Land Face Painter

    The definition of branding – making a mark.  Branding is an idea or image of a specific product, person or service that consumers connect with by identifying the name, logo, slogan, design or imagery of the person, product and or the company.

    When you meet a person for the first time, how will you leave your mark on them so they will remember you later? Is it your slogan, color theme, image, testimony that will stick in the mind of an individual… Like Hansel and Gretel we want a trail that leads back to us.

    And it is a fact that it takes 5 to 8 times before an image or a name is implanted in the human mind.

    How do you DEFINE YOUR BRAND

    (5) key points to assist you…What is your brand identity?

    1. What is your company’s mission?
    2. What are the benefits of working with you/your business?
    3. How does your company solve a problem?
    4. What makes your product or service different from a competitor?
    5. What would you like the perception of your business to be? What qualities are most important?

    What’s in your Basic Branding tool bag? Here are a few needed items:

    • professional headshot - posting pictures on your blog or social media site will increase your business 20% to 30%. People like to do business with people that they have a connection with and a photograph of yourself helps potential clients to identify with you. And it is a fact that IMAGE SELLS, so always look your best…
    • professionally written biography – contact an editor to assist you.
    • Website – should be clear, easy to read, and contain the basic of who your are and what product you have…
    • Color Theme – can help people remember your brand. Be consistance with your color theme: business cards, newsletter, blogspot and website.
    • Logo? (if you don’t have a logo it is important to develop a theme) For example, Pam Perry always wear pink, so does Sandy Krakowski and they both have a large following of their brand and they are easy to identify.
    • Does your email address and website address coincide? If not it’s time to make a change. Keep it short and simple so people can remember you.
    • Do you have customize business cards with your logo (the generic from vistaprint,etc. puts you a generic category) You must stand out from your competition be Unique.
    • press kit? ( Epress release about your company/service/product, testimonies, articles, advertisement)
    • slogan/tag line. Slogans are short striking or memorable phrases. Tagline is the idea behind the concept.
    • Do you have a Vanity URL for  your social media sites? This allows people to find you easily.
    • It’s a must to provide a visual trail of your brand. A Camera or video recorder is a must have to grow your brand because people retain 75% more information if something is in picture or video form.
    • Blog – Did you know having a blog increases your search online? A blog provides credibility for your brand. So it is crucial to maintain a blog presences online.

    Ok if you have all the above, but you don’t have a following or have not generated any business, You need to establish some excitement. Get creative, INCREASE your Brand POWER! So
    how do you hook followers or potential clients? The answer is that you must give
    something to engage potential customers. So what will you give? Just remember you can not receive until you give….