• 10 Easy Tips to Burn Calories and Get FIT!

    Posted on October 21, 2012 by in Uncategorized
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    1. Do you fidget? This is an opportunity for you to burn over 170 calories a day. Dr. Oz recommends that you fidget. Fidgeting may involve tapping finger on the table, wiggle in your chair, patting ones foot on the floor. A common act of fidgeting is to bounce one’s leg repeatedly. So get your fidget on and burn calories all day long.

    2. Take the steps at work verses the elevator. Park further from the store when shopping to get more walking into your daily schedule. Increase your speed when walking to elevate heart rate to burn more calories.

    3. Substitute Water for those sugary drinks. Some benefits of drinking water: it is the best laxative, it prevents constipation. It also prevents stress, anxiety and depression. Water makes the skin smooth and ward of aging, it decrease PMS pain, protects and cushions your vital organs, it remove toxins from the body, help to prevent fatigue, increase brain function and it helps the body absorb nutrients.

    4. Split your lunch hour in halve, thirty minutes for eating and thirty minutes of walking. Then chew your food longer, this helps your body digest your food and absorb all the nutrients from the foods providing higher energy levels. The saliva that is produced by the extra chewing helps to kill harmful bacteria, and washes away food particles from around your teeth creating better oral hygiene. Properly chewing your food helps to make it easier on the esophagus, as well as your digestive system because you will eat less at each meal. It prevents you from swallowing air along with your food, which can also contribute to heartburn. Chewing also promotes the secretion of saliva which naturally helps to neutralize stomach acid, thus it helps to prevent heartburn. When you take time to properly chew your food, you will eat slower, and far less, but still feel fuller. This also helps to speed up the metabolism.

    5. Spice up your meal, it will help you burn calories, for example; jalapenos and other chili peppers contain a compound called capsaicin, which can keep your body burning calories even after you’ve eaten. Include chili peppers in your soups or salads.

    6. An apple a day will keep those calories away. Apples are one of those super-foods that are packed with nutrients and are low in calories. Apples are part of a group of foods that have negative calories. Negative calories are foods that use up more calories to digest than the calories they actually contain. Eating an Apple a day will keep the fat away.

    7. Put a spark in your metabolism with a lean meal. Salmon or tuna are great fish to eat to help boost your metabolism. They are lean sources of protein, low in fat and calories, and contain Omega 3 which is helpful to the body’s joints, etc. The body needs to burn calories to breakdown foods, and the amount of calories it takes to break down protein is higher than the amount used to breakdown fat. This is according to Matthew Cenzon.

    8. Clean up your yard, garage or closet. Forty minutes of clean up around your home can burn 200 or more calories and strengthen your muscles.

    9. After dinner, turn on some music and get your dance on. Get the kids involve, surely this will turn into blissful fun for the entire family. In addition, laughter increases calorie burning.

    10. Bring back the ole school fun. Jump rope or hula hoop. On the average jumping rope burns 11 calories per minute. If you increase the intensity you can burn 20 calories per minute. It has been calculated that a person can burn 210 calories for 30 minutes using a hula hoop. So have a hula hoop contest with your kids to increase the fun and burn those calories.